Cylinder Maintenance

Here at Advanced Gases, we have the capability to recertify and inspect high pressure cylinders, propane tanks, acetylene cylinders and offer a plethora of custom services such as neck ring fitting, resizing and replacement, cylinder bead blasting and painting. We started maintaining our own fleet of cylinders so that we can properly service our customers’ demands, and never run out of products to supply to our customers. Even though we have not been servicing our cylinder fleet for very long, it has been a boon in production and management, not just for us but our customers as well.

Ultrasonic Examination – How does it work?

Our cylinder blaster allows us to remove paint scales and rust to better review the surface of the steel prior to testing the cylinder. Blasting also allows us to repaint cylinders that have been exposed to moisture to reduce any further impact moisture may have to the bare steel. Blasting cylinders removes any kind of residue or imperfections from the surface for when we test our cylinders using Ultrasonic Examination.